WELCOME to A Children’s Music House where we learn all about music with a bit of art and creative movement woven in between and some dramatic storytelling sprinkled on top.

CLASSES are run in two 18 week sessions that follow roughly the same schedule as a traditional school year. The last week of each 18 week session, there will be a studio performance for all students of group and private piano studio lessons where students showcase what they have learned. Parents, family and friends are all invited to attend!

OK LET’S just get this question out of the way first…HOW much does it cost?


$45 per month plus yearly registration fee $50 and materials fee $30 (per semester). This cost includes two, personal wooden instruments (below) which your child keeps. We offer many different lesson packages, discounts, and ways to pay: yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly or monthly for tuition. Registration fee ($50) due at time of registration. Materials fee due at the start of each semester.

PLEASE CALL/TEXT/EMAIL 360-553-2346 emily@amusichouse.com for full info.

WHAT are the ages for this class?

From (late) 4’s and 5’s to 8 or 9 year olds, Early 4 year olds will require parental attendance, depending on the child.

NOW…HOW long is each class?

Classes are 1 hour and 3o minutes long, held weekly. Please be prompt in drop off and pick up times.

WHAT will my child be learning, exactly? Great question! 

  • musical pitch

  • ear training

  • rhythm

  • theory

  • composition

  • improvisation

  • vocal skills

  • how to play musical instruments,: wooden flute, lyre harp (cost covered in materials and registration fees)

  • performance

  • music history and…

    Children learn through verses, songs, poems and stories. Every class day there will be creative movement with time spent learning breathing exercises for good vocal and instrumental control.. On special days there will be good things to eat and fun crafts to make. We will celebrate some festival days with songs and in ways that are meaningful to all the families in each class.

WHAT is my part (the parent) in this?


    ~Please make a FIRM commitment to be sure that your student arrives here on time each week for the entire class time. It is vital that he/she be here each week as we are constantly learning new verses, songs, or instrument fingerings and even in one week it is very easy to fall hopelessly behind.


~You don’t have to be musical to help your child review the verses, songs or lessons they learned in class. Each week you will get handouts with all you need for fabulous HOME SUPPORT. It will only take a bit of your time, a few minutes a day several days a week.

~RELAX and have fun!

~EVEN IF you feel you couldn’t carry a tune in a paper bag just try singing a bit with your child anyway. Then if you like, the two of you can have a laugh and the world will seem like a better place for each of you. How does another of those sayings go?

~Live, laugh, love!