Piano Lessons through  A Music House are an enjoyable way to access all the great benefits that music offers.  Each piano lesson is  positive, encouraging and non stressful.  Lessons are tailored to the student's specific needs and each lesson is given in the way that the student learns best.  Students will find their lessons fun, engaging and very gratifying.  In addition to the required music, students will be able to choose music that inspires them.  How exciting to be able to play your all time favorite songs!

WHAT ABOUT PRACTICING?  Although just as appealing, Piano Lessons are a little different from our Music Lessons because they require a higher level of commitment from both the student and the parent.  Practicing the piano is just necessary, no matter how much talent you are born with. Read about how famous and successful people practice HERE.  Additionally, it's not how much time is spent practicing but how effective the practicing is.  This makes Parental involvement for home practicing a necessity for all students under the age of 18.   In order to ensure good progress, parents will also need to periodically check in during lessons to learn what they can do to give their student this home practicing support.  Also, during our initial FREE CONSULTATION, every parent will receive their All Star Piano Parent Pack with tips and instruction on exactly how to give their student the best piano practicing direction. 

BUT in actuality this piano commitment isn't as daunting as it may at first seem.  All it means is that each student will need to meet a goal of practicing at least 5 days a week.  It is usually best to break up the total practice time for each practice day into small sections, with beginning students only needing about 5 to 10 minutes per practice session.   During each practice day there can be roughly 2 or more practice sessions.  We use the term roughly because each student is an individual, so these can be used as guidelines and adjusted accordingly.  As students progress, practice sessions will focus more on meeting specific learning goals. How long that takes will vary from student to student, averaging about 10 to 20  minutes per practice session,with roughly 2-3 or more practice sessions per practice day.  

Again, Parents are  paramount in their student's practicing success. Just like any other of the important activities in a child's life--brushing teeth, doing homework, or learning to play a sport, children need the help and support of those awesome adults around them to structure themselves and to use their time effectively.  If you or your student are unsure about this level of commitment, a good way to test the musical waters is by enrolling in MUSIC CLASSES.  Music lessons are a wonderful way for children up to age 12 to learn general music skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere.  Piano students will also get a FREE  bi-monthly Music Lesson where they will perform one piece for the class. If a piece is not ready to perform, students may perform portions of a piece or technical exercises.

WHAT ABOUT CURRICULUM?  After an initial free consultation, curriculum will be chosen for the student depending on their own personal goals and needs.  These are just a few examples of curriculum favorites:

Beginning Students:

While many 4 to 8 year olds can benefit most from our MUSIC CLASSES some will be ready for private lessons.

For Ages 4 to 8 years old these books:

  • .My First Piano Adventure: Lesson Book A with CD by Nancy and Randall Faber

  • My First Piano Adventure:

  • Suzuki Piano Book 1 & Audio CD.

For Children ages 9 years and older these books:

  • Edna Mae Burnam's A Dozen A Day books Mini Book (Pink)

  • Suzuki Piano Book 1 & Audio CD

For Adults ages 18 and older choose from these:

  • John Thompson's Adult Piano Course: Book 1 (Preparatory)

  • Faber Adult Piano Adventures Books

Intermediate and above students

  • we will discuss what books and/or music are needed during our initial consultation.

(Classical Literature, Disney, Movie Theme, Pop Song etc.)

As always, I meet the student's needs individually so all age levels are approximate.
All books available online or from a favorite bookstore/music store.
All levels will be required to purchase additional books as needed.
All levels will be continually supplemented with additional materials supplied by me at no extra cost.
Always check with me before purchasing, as I often have piano books on hand for sale (at cost) in the studio.

Please TEXT, CALL, or message me HERE with any questions and to set up your FREE initial consultation!